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In Detail

Due to the liberalization of the markets, your company is in radical change. The supply chain Sales - Production is enhanced right in the centre of your business by Trading and Risk Management. Totally new business processes and chances for the Management of the company grew up. Business processes, Management information and IT-Systems are partially not in accord with each other anymore.

Staff required from the business divisions to ensure the further IT-development is missing on the client side and in the daily business. Project progress is slow due to totally different languages of business divisons and IT.

We offer Realisation Management.

Having experience for many years on the areas of Trading, Risk Management, Controlling, Process analysis, IT-analysis and Project Management in Banks and Energy companies, we support you in the development of solutions for the right gearing between business processes, Management information and IT-Systems.

Our secret is the development of solutions out of visions - down to the details. We communicate with the Management and speak the languages of business as well as of IT.

Highest priority is the project success - so your success!

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